Owner’s Guidelines

Owner’s Guidelines - Poppy's Play

  1. Children between the ages 0 - 5 years can only use the soft play equipment.
  2. Any child participating on our equipment must be less than 35kg.
  3. For all playground setups, we recommend 2 children per square meter to avoid overcrowding.
  4. Socks must be worn at all times.
  5. Children must be supervised at ALL times by a responsible adult/guardian.
  6. Parents/Guardians must ensure their child is capable of using the equipment safely.
  7. Ball pits will not be filled to capacity to prevent asphyxiation, particularly with younger children.
  8. Strictly NO face paint, glitter, confetti, food, drinks, chewing gum, bottles, glasses, pets, pens, texts, paint, dye, lollies, spray silly string, streamers, party poppers, water, sand, mud, dirt or other sticky substances are allowed on the equipment at any time. If any of these items or any items are found to have been in or on the play equipment, an additional cleaning fee will apply. If any stains or damage deemed by us to be severe are to be found on the equipment, a damage or replacement fee may apply.
  9. Equipment must be set up on a flat surface level, away from rocks, debris, animal droppings, sharp objects and water.
  10. Strictly NO smoking, lighters or flammable items near the equipment.
  11. Ensure the equipment is not overcrowded and limit the number of children using the equipment to avoid accidents and serious injury
  12. Any sharp accessories, such as high heels and jewellery must be removed before entering the play area.
  13. To prevent the spread of illness, do not allow any person to enter the play area who has reported an illness or open wound.
  14. Strictly NO jumping, pushing, rough play or any behaviour that is likely to result in injury to self or others.
  15. Please ensure that the area of 1 meter surrounding the soft play equipment is kept clear.
  16. Adequate shade must be available for any outdoor use. Soft Play equipment can become extremely hot.
  17. No animals/pets to be near the equipment
  18. Any damages must be reported to Poppy's Play immediately. Do not continue playing if any damage occurs.
  19. All hirers are required to sign a condition report prior to use.
  20. The hirer is not permitted to make any alterations, attach anything to the equipment without prior written consent.
  21. Once Poppy's Play staff set-up for use, the entire set-up must not be removed, adjusted or relocated.
  22. Poppy's Play will display a sign with important but not limited to, rules
       a. The sign must remain at the entrance of every set-up:
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